Non timeo magnum malum lupum.™

I fear no big, bad wolf.

The wolf is our enemy.

He comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

But he is no match for
The Shepherd.

The Shepherd came that we might have life and have it in abundance.

If you stay with the Shepherd you will beat the wolf.

You can even laugh at him. He hates that.

To stay with the Shepherd you must first know He exists, and you must know He is good.

This gives you what you need to trust Him and follow Him.

You must also keep your wool from being dyed.

The wolf likes dyed wool – he can spot it from a mile away.

The world wants only the wool it can dye any color it wants.

Whatever color is fashionable. Whatever color is approved.

Black sheep are rare.

The world considers the wool of the black sheep of little value because it cannot have its way with it.

Even if it uses harsh chemicals, the wool will not conform.

But in the eyes of the Shepherd the black sheep’s wool is greatly valued.

Not only is the wool of the black sheep unable to be dyed, but its wool is also more coarse. Tougher, yet warm. The black sheep can weather the terrain wherever the Shepherd may lead.

I want to help you make your wool un-dyable.

I want to help you Know the Shepherd so you can Laugh at the Wolf.™

About Me

The Shepherd Made All the Difference

I have degrees in fun stuff like psychology and biblical studies, a graduate degree in advanced generalist social work, and a second graduate degree in philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary (in-progress). Talks I’ve given on philosophy, psychology, theology, neurology, and home education have peppered the landscape here and there, articles with my ink have been featured at The Stream,, and other outlets, and I’m currently working on my first book, Know the Shepherd, Laugh at the Wolf.™

More exciting than any of that is The Shepherd. Let me tell you, He’s amazing. Through observation of the world, we can know there is a God. What I didn’t know was if I could trust Him. That trust is what makes the difference. Now, I want to help you and those you love Know the Shepherd so you can Laugh at the Wolf.™

What I Do

I help you and those you love better Know the Shepherd so you can Laugh at the Wolf™ through:


Reality is your lane, so let’s explore it.


A fun – learning – fun sandwich.


Party with a purpose.


Off-roading with the Shepherd brought to you by coffee.

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People Who Say Nice Things

They are beyond cool and you should check out their work.

“Mia Langford combines a passion for Christ, a keen understanding of Scripture, and a delightful sense of humor. It is a potent combination.”
Dr. Robert M. Bowman Jr.
Biblical Scholar, Apologist, Author of The Incarnate Christ and His Critics: A Biblical Defense, Putting Jesus in His Place: The Case for the Deity of Christ, and more
"Mia's love for the Lord is evident through the passion in which she serves. Her content is humorous and compelling at the same time."
Cathryn Neracher
Speaker, Enterpreneur
"With an emphasis on the truth, grace, and love of the Scriptures, Mia gives insight into the motives and intentions of the enemy’s lies and destructive principles. Because of her faith in Jesus Christ and her diligent research and study, she offered our team hope to counter with truth, love, and grace the things in our day."
Michael Kemple
First Responder Chaplain
“I admire Mia’s approach and expertise. She excels at bringing together expertise across many fields, and psychological insight is crucial to making apologetics relevant and effective. In addition, when Mia sees a puppy, she asks its owner “Can I meet your dog?” This should be made into the standard for all human-dog interactions, and I support her efforts to take over the world and make this a reality.”
Dr. Luke Barnes
Theoretical Astrophysicist, Cosmologist, Author of A Fortunate Universe: Life in a Finely-Tuned Cosmos and The Cosmic Revolutionary's Handbook: Or, How to Beat the Big Bang